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Dog Toys

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Guide to Dog Toys

Dogs need toys for several reasons. When you pick the right toy, your dog will love you more. Whenever you give your dog the toy, they will associate you with fun and excitement.

There are several toys for you to choose from. Consider your budget, the size of your dogs, the safety of the toys, and other factors.

How Do Toys Benefit Your Dog?

  • Tires the Dog – If your dog is very active, a toy will tire them to sleep. It stimulates their brain and tires them more than a walk. This way, your dog doesn’t have the energy to get in trouble.
  • Builds Independence – You may not always be available to play with your dog. Dogs are not good at being alone, and this is why you need to get them toys. They will be entertained and will learn to have fun even when you are not there.
  • Dogs Love Fun – One way to make the life of your dog exciting is to get them a toy. There are so many dogs that you can play with the dog or the dog can play alone.
  • Facilitates Learning – It is easy for your pup to develop new skills if you give them toys. The toy will help develop their natural behavior such as foraging.
  • Relax and Avoid Causing a Mess – Toys help your dog relax and stay out of trouble. Instead of causing a mess, the dog will be busy playing with the toys. If your dog chews a lot, a good quality chew-proof toy can help them stay off chewing.

Pick the Right Dog Toy

There are several toys from plush dog toys to squeaky dog toys. Toys are available for all dogs. For active dogs, you can get them high quality plush dog toys. These toys allow the dog to burn energy without destroying the toy. You can also throw toys so that your dog can fetch. Squeaky dog toys can also be great for active dogs as they make noise when you throw them.

If you have a lazy dog, definitely squeaky dog toys will be the most appropriate. Some of these dog toys can have treats stuffed in them to motivate the lazy dog.

Smart dogs can play with any toy. However, they may lose interest in a toy very fast. You need to get them toys that challenge their mental capacity and keep them engaged. Pick a few toys so that you can interchange them.

If your dog is playful, they will enjoy any toy you bring them. Choose for them a toy that allows you to play with them as they will enjoy that more.

You should have more than one toy – have at least four toys. Rotate these toys weekly and ensure that the dog has enough to enjoy their play. The dog needs to have several types of toys, including one they can care for, one to kill, another to roll, and so much more. You can also create interactive plays for your dog, including hide and seek for toys. Most of the toys should be interactive to keep the dog engaged for long.

Pick the right material so that your dog doesn’t tear it within a few days. If your dog doesn’t engage with the toy no matter how much you try, consider changing it for another of a different type, size, and color.

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