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A Little Guide to Dog Leashes

A dog leash has one main function; keep your dog under control and safe when you are in a public place. But the leash doesn’t have to look boring as there are so many styles, materials, and colors. When shopping, there are several factors to consider, including the length, the width, and the construction material.

With a good dog leash, you will control your dog better when you are training it. Further, your dog will not wander into areas you do not allow and will not chase or scare other pets or children. If for some reason you cannot give your dog the attention it needs for a short while, the leash allows you to tether them to your hand briefly.

Pick the Right Type of Dog Leashes

Standard dog leashes are the main types. They are almost everywhere, and thanks to their versatility. These leashes come as solid or braided material, which is mainly nylon. The dog lead will be between four and eight feet in length. If you walk your dog early in the morning or late at night, you should buy a dog leash with a reflective material or a shiny surface.

Other types of dog leashes you may find include:

Retractable Leashes – These leashes are ideal for dogs that behave well. You cannot use them for training your dog. If you need to give your dog more lead-room, this leash will give you that.

Adjustable Leashes – If you need a leash that gives you flexibility, but still allows you to control your dog, an adjustable leash is ideal for you. It will give you a longer lead-room, but can still be short enough when you need to train your dog.

Chain Leashes – If your dog chews, you can buy them a chain leash. These leashes come in different thicknesses and weights. Note that your dog may continue chewing the dog lead and damage their teeth.

Martingale Leash – This leash combines a standard dog leash and a martingale collar. You can use them as training leashes for when your dog tries pulling every chance they get. The collar tightens around the neck of your dog to put enough pressure to stop the dog.

If you walk multiple dogs, you need a leash that can hold multiple dogs at the same time. These leashes have one handle and a leash and coupler that allows you to attach one or two more dogs.

Choose Leash Material

Most dog leashes have a nylon construction. Nylon is relatively affordable and long lasting. For a small price, you will have a leash that lasts you a long time. You will find these leashes in several colors and some even with beautiful prints. The material dries fast after washing, and it doesn’t shrink after washing. However, nylon is not tough enough for dogs that chew.

Leather is a classic material that is more expensive than nylon. It is also highly durable and can withstand a little chewing. If you pick treated leather, the leash can last a lifetime without fraying. If your dog doesn’t chew, you have a leash that doesn’t need replacement in many decades.

Chain leashes work best for dogs that chew. The main challenge with these leashes is that they can be heavy. If your pooch is small, you need to consider the weight of the chain.

Reflective materials are ideal for when you walk your dog early in the morning or late at night.

Pick the right length and width, depending on the size of your dog, where you walk the dog, and many other factors.

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