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Guide to Dog Pajamas

Dog pajamas are important when you need to minimize shedding indoors. This is especially important if a member of your family suffers allergies. The dog pjs are also great in keeping your pooch warm during the cold season. Again, if you have a sick or elderly dog, the pajamas for dogs will keep them warm, comfortable, and safe from diseases.

Most dog pajamas look so cute. However, are they comfortable for your dog? The first factor to consider when shopping for dog pajamas is comfort. A good pajama should not be loose and neither should it fit snugly – it should be somewhere in between. The pj should not limit your pooch’s movements. Loose and snug pajamas restrict the movement of your dog.

When shopping for a dog pajama, check the size chart provided so that you can get the right size. There are dog pjs for small and large dogs, so take your time and pick the right one.

Quality Fabric

Dog pajamas are available in different materials. For winter, wool is the best material as it keeps the dog warm. However, this only works best for dogs with a thin coat. Dogs with a thick coat may find the coat so warm for comfort.

Polyester pjs are also great for the cold, especially in snowflake season. If your dog has a single or short coat, such as the French bulldog, you can go for polyester. There are pajamas for dogs that feature a fleece lining for the very cold days and for the sickly dogs.

If you have to cloth your dog in summer, say a costume for a special occasion, you need a breathable fabric. Such a fabric ensures that the dog doesn’t overheat. If your dog has allergies, you can cloth them in cotton pjs. Cotton is hypoallergenic and will last a long time. It also offers great breathability for the hot days. If your puppy is very active, a breathable fabric is the way to go.

Washable Pajamas

Dogs are messy, especially when outdoors and when they are eating. As such, you need to shop for a dog pajama that is easy to wash. You will need to wash the pajama regularly to ensure your home is free from germs. As such, pick a pajama that is machine-washable. Most of the dog pjs are washable.

For a pj that you wash regularly, you need to pick one that doesn’t have decorations. You also need to pick one that can go into a dryer. When the weather is so cold, washing and drying a dog pj can be a bonus.

Does Trend Matter?

Do you care about fashion? These dog pjs come in several styles, colors, and designs. You only need to pick one that matches your taste and preferences. You may have animal prints on the dog pajamas, or you can have one with a single color. The choice is yours.

We recommend that you get pajamas that are easy to wear. This is important if your pooch is wearing pajamas the first time. Dogs are not patient, and you need a pj that you can cloth them in with minimal hassle.

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