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Guide to Dog Clothes

When winter comes around, even your furry friend feels the cold. Some dog breeds will be okay under the cold, but others will run to hide under blankets. If your dog’s coat is not heavy, or you have a sick dog, or the dog is one of those small breeds, you need dog clothes. You can observe the behavior of your dog during the cold days and see if it needs dog clothes.

You have to get the right clothes for the dog to keep it warm. Sometimes, you just want to fit costumes on the dog for special occasions. Either way, you still need to pick the right dog clothes.

What should you consider when buying clothes for your dog?

Comfort Level

It is unnatural for dogs to wear clothes. While it is healthy for them to have clothes during the cold season, they may not be comfortable. It takes several days for the dog to find comfort in clothes. This is why you need to get the most comfortable dog clothes. If the dog has had clothes every winter since they were a puppy, it will be easier for you to shop for them.

If your furry friend is new to clothes, you need to pick an attire that allows them to walk and run naturally. It should be without a sleeve to make them feel comfortable. If your pup knows clothes, you can fit them in a jumper or hoodie, and they will be okay.

Your Personal Style

Dogs too have fashion. However, it is up to you to choose what looks good on your dog. If you walk your dog every day, you may want something with a bit of flair to match your personal style. However, if you’d like a more functional option, go for waterproof dog clothes.

The Size of Your Dog

You have to measure your dog accurately before you buy any dog clothes. To measure, put your dog in a quiet place and ensure they relax before you take measurements. Measure the neck girth around where the collar sits. Then measure the chest girth, which should be the widest part of the chest. You need to fit two fingers in between the tape measure and the body.

Lastly, measure the back length from the neck to where the tail starts. Ensure that your dog remains still as you take the measurements. You may want to add an inch to the measurements for easing and enhanced breathability.

Coat Length

How long is the coat of your dog? Some dogs have a long coat, and they survive well in the winter. However, these too might need a waterproof cloth to keep them warm when it rains. You need to check their temperature frequently to ensure they do not overheat.

Some pooches have short coats. These survive better in warmer climates, but suffer when winter comes. If your dog spends most of its days indoors, it will need a coat to brace the winter. Further, if the dog is sick, you will need a coat for it too.

Dog’s Activity Level

If your pooch is very active, it will generate warmth when running up and down. Such a dog may only need light clothing when going for a walk. If your dog is not active, in case of sickness or old age, it will need a heavy jumper or a dog hoodie to keep it warm.

Pick the best clothes for your dog today and make it more comfortable.

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