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Dog Beds

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Guide to Dog Beds

Dogs need a good night’s sleep just as we do. Actually, dogs sleep more than we do every day – most sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day. For an animal that sleeps a minimum of 12 hours, you now see why comfortable dog beds come in handy.

A good bed offers your dog a space they can easily claim as theirs. This is especially important if you do not allow your pooch in your bed at night or any other time. There are many reasons why a dog bed comes in handy. These include:

Support Joints for Old Dogs – Old dogs suffer conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, and several other joint issues. With such issues, you need a supportive bed for the dog. The bed will cushion the dog and provide them the relief they need from the pain that comes with these health problems. For developing puppies, a dog bed supports their joints for good development.

Sleep Better – There are so many ways that a good night’s sleep benefits your dog. For starters, your dog will have a better memory and will even act smarter. Your dog will learn a new command when it repeats it after a good night’s sleep.

A Place of Its Own – Dogs need a place they can belong. The bed gives them that space. Its bed should be big enough to allow them to stretch and have fun while at it. You can place the bed in the dog’s crate or in your bedroom – wherever the dog feels comfortable.

Contain Shedding – If your dog sheds a lot, you need to contain the shedding on your bed so that it will be easier to clean. This way, if anyone has allergies in your home, they will know the areas to avoid.

Pick the Right Dog Bed

There are dog beds as simple as pillows and others with several features such as frames and lace canopies. Your budget, your taste and preferences, and the size of your dog will determine the bed you go for. Some of the common designs include:

  • Flat pads or Mats – These have the simplest design and the least expensive of all the beds. You can fit them in a dog crate.
  • Nesting or Snuggle Beds – These have the style of beanbag chairs, and they work best for dogs that love to curl up.
  • Bolsters – These are beds with an elongated side and a built-in pillow. They are ideal for large dogs.
  • Waterproof beds – These beds are ideal for outdoor use.
  • Donut-shaped beds – These are circular bolsters with a pillow.

When shopping for a dog bed, pick one that will accommodate the size of your dog. The head and the legs of your dog should not hang as that will make it uncomfortable for the dog. You should also ensure that the bed is washable. Dogs can be messy when eating, scratching, playing, and passing gas. As such, you need a bed you can throw into the washing machine.

The filling material should match the comfort and support needs of your dog. These fillings include gel, foam, cedar chips, and orthopedic fillings.

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